About Wandering Knot

Welcome to Wandering Knot! My name is Jennifer I am the owner and creator of the nature-inspired, handcrafted, quality wood pieces found on this site.

I enjoy creating custom functional pieces with a whimsical and unique flare. I aspire to make conversation starters, memory makers, family heirlooms and pieces to remind you to enjoy life and find joy wherever you are. 

Thank you for taking the time to view my work and hopefully you will find a piece that will make you or a loved one smile for years to come.

The name Wandering Knot comes from being raised in a military family (both mom and dad served in the Army). We got to live in a lot of a different places. Although we wandered to new locations, we always had a solid foundation as a family unit -- a knot that could not be broken. The first time I took a woodworking course, I felt like I was truly home...wandering no more. 

If you see something you like that is sold out, contact me as I may have something similar available.

Looking forward to being on the festival circuit again and in the mean time glad to be able to connect with you online. - Jennifer

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